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Clothes to be worn from year to year


Forest is a very dear place to me. In the forest i can relax and get back my strength and it is an endless source of inspiration.

That is why conscious production is very important to me. I want to offer beautiful and comfortable clothing without harming other people, animals or nature.

I choose all materials thoughtfully and the design is timeless so the clothes can be worn from year to year.


All materials are chosen thoughtfully, and are 100% natural.

Hemp is a very ecological material. It does not need irrigation; it grows without pesticides and is a natural weed deterrent. It also improves soil quality.

Hemp I use is harvested and processed by traditional methods without chemicals. Hemp fabric is soft, durable and biodegradable.

Wool fiber has excellent moisture suction and thermal insulation abilities. It feels warm even when it is wet because the moisture puffs up and curls the fiber. Merino wool is fine and soft – making it very pleasant to wear next to the skin.

Öko-tex certificated, mulesing free merino-wool from South-Africa and GOTS certificated organic cotton from Turkey are made into a fabric here in Finland by Or-neule.

Quality materials, careful production and timeless design enable long-lasting clothes.


Hemp is harvested and made into a fabric in a small factory in Europe, where farmers and workers have safe working environment, appropriate health insurance and pension coverage. Finnish factory is close-by production, so it is easy to have an eye on what’s going on.

All products are sewn here in Helsinki.

Quality materials, careful production and timeless design enable long-lasting clothes. When the clothes are worn out, the material can be recycled because it does not contain any plastic.

All products have been awarded with Avainlippu and Design from Finland symbols.

Clothing care

When you wash and care for your clothes properly, you get long-lasting favorite garments.