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Clothing care

When you wash and care for your clothes properly, you get long-lasting favorite garments.

Caring and washing of hemp fabrics and hemp knits

Hemp fiber repels dirt and odors well and often airing is enough to remove odors and the clothes are ready for use again. Textiles made from hemp do not need to be washed very hard, as the dirt comes off from the smooth fiber easily.

Wash with plenty of water and use mild detergents. Hemp fabric can be washed 60 °C degrees, but washes good at lower temperatures. Hemp knits is good to wash with a delicate wash program at 40 °C.

Do not use bleach, fabric softener or tumble dryer. Wash with the same shades.

Fluff can be removed from the product during the first wash. As a fabric softener, you can use laundry vinegar, which closes the fibers of the textile.

Shape the knit to dry on a flat surface. Iron the hemp fabric with hot (3 points).

Hemp softens and improves in use.

Caring and storing of wool knitwear

Wool knitwear should be aired after each use. Often airing is enough to remove odors and the knit is ready for use again.

After airing, it is best to fold the knits to the closet so the hanger does not stretch it.

The cool, dry and airy space is best place to store wool clothes. It is also a good idea to have lavender or cedar wood scented bags in the closet to prevent pests. You can also store woolen clothes in a sealed box with a lid.

Washing and drying wool knitwear

Wool is naturally greasy. Wool grease, lanolin, makes it water-repellent.

When washing, always use a wool detergent that retains the lanolin, so that the best properties of the wool are preserved. However, it is best to remove only stains if possible instead of washing the whole garment.

When needed merino wool clothes can be washed either by hand or machine with a wool washing program. In hand washing, first mix the detergent in lukewarm water and then wash the knit by gently squeezing, do not twist or rub. Rinse with clean lukewarm water.

After washing, shape the knit to dry on a flat surface, such as a dry towel or clothesline.